Our History

Proxima is a team of employed or external experts that has been created in 2004. Since the beginning, Maxime Fournier, with its 20 years of experience as project manager and engineer, made major contracts with Alstom and Bombardier. Without waiting more, he has been joined by highly talented skilled people eager like him to assist client in their project fulfillment.

Together, they contribute to Proxima future, famous reputation and maximal client satisfaction.

Today, Proxima works with small and large companies, rely on a highly skilled consulting team and receives regular recognition from the clients.


Project Management

Related to the needs expressed,  we will offer you expert know how to deploy and use the best management tools. Project management requires rigorous plan follow-up, risk analysis, implementing creative and innovative solutions, performing change project assessment and finally, corrective action presentation but always related to project status.

Whether you need  :

  • Accomplishing or managing the whole or part of a project.
  • Acting like consultant expert in project management.
  • Crisis management.
  • Implementing solutions in management logistics or IT.
  • Structure communications.
  • Represent client during project execution and achievement.

Ask Proxima to enhance your project management !

Project Planning & Control

A serious planning is the heart of every project. Planning is the beat. It allows to elaborate and measure the needs, align human resources, define material and budget resources, plan controlling for project goals achievement, produce schedule and budget. Without any doubt, these are references that projects have to cope with.

Whether you need to :

  • Get a project back on track.
  • Participate to project execution as a PCO (project control officer).
  • Plan all or part of required activities to achieve one or several project stages.
  • Estimate production costs, consulting services, material and labor.
  • Implement project follow-up method.
  • Put standards and time management into action.