Small & Medium sized companies

At Proxima, we believe that our knowledge of large enterprises and big projects must be helpful to small businesses and small projects. Project management is a powerful business tool for businesses of all sizes. It is well known that the most common problem in small business is the lack of process to get the work done effectively and efficiently. Even if you are an entrepreneur and a company of one person, you need to have a standard way of approaching projects.

Over the years, we created tools and techniques that will improve the performance of your organisation in a very short time. If you are in the way of getting a project done, for yourself or for your customers, you want to know where you are and what is going on. At Proxima, we want to be your eyes and hands. We would like to help the strategy that comes from you to become obvious actions in the daily work. Project management is the science of getting things done, and we are your mad scientist.

No matter the nature of your needs, you can count on us and on the complete expertise of a specialized team and complete support.

Our solution and business model aim to precisely allow small companies to manage like large scale companies, without linked cost and complexity.