Experts – Project management

Our experts can help you according to YOUR specific sector or industry.

We understand the process of this specific sector

For almost 20 years, Proxima has been working in the Manufacturing and Defense industries. During those years we have perfected the art of managing processes designs with customers, managing  suppliers and all that represents quality assurance and production management.


We understand your concerns and your challenges.

Do I have enough engineers to deliver on time? Is this resource overloaded? Is it possible, with this small team, to deliver on time ? We, at Proxima, are the planning specialists. If there is a bottleneck in your process, we will find it.


We know how to offer practical solutions.

For a long time we have identified for our customers the risks of delay, critical tasks, overloading of resources, too tight milestones. We know how to offer applicable solutions to avoid pitfalls by explaining the risks and challenges of this plan.


We use the Primavera tool to its full power

How many times have you wondered why Primavera, your planning software, does not provide you with  such and such info? Why the reports you receive are irrelevant and does not reflect the reality? There is a way to configure a tool such as Primavera that Proxima master’s perfectly, so that the assumptions & the reports generated are fairs and realistics.


We adjust the speech to the audience.

You don’t talk to your neighbors the same way you talk to your President. All communications deserve to be adjusted according to the audience. All the reports we produce and the info we share are consistent with the needs of the manager they are addressing.


Processes are the key

Effective project planning relies on a correct interpretation of company-specific procedures and processes. From one company to another, the requirements, the stages, the “gates”, the interfaces or control points, vary significantly. Interpreting these processes correctly and translating them into a timeline requires as much skill from a planner as it takes from a pianist to play Chopin.

Your processes dictate the notes, the pace, and the power with which everyone in your business must play. If any notes are missing or incorrectly positioned, the music sounds out of tune. We will know how to orchestrate all that.


We arrive prepared

Incorporating such a central resource as a planner into a project can often seem like a puzzle; so much so that a company sometimes prefers to keep a flawed solution rather than risk losing everything. Our advisers are used to and have the Soft skills necessary to join your teams without hours and without screams and pain. We take the time to study your business, your team, your needs, your risks before jumping into the arena.


Manage interface points well

More than 20 years in the field have enabled us to understand that, what is most often lacking, are points of contact, interfaces, exchanges of information. We make it a point of honor to identify for all participants (including the client, the authorities and a third parties) the exact dates on which their interventions are required.


When should engineering give its requirements? When should the order be issued? When should the supplier deliver his first unit? When should the customer respond to RFI? When should the truck leave the factory? And if it slips, something didn’t work, should we review all of the dates? REISSUE A NEW PLANNING ???