During the past years, Proxima has collected a lot of testimonials that emphasized obtained results. Here are the story :

I had the opportunity to work with Proxima during my VP PMI Montreal office. I invited his president at that time in order to take the lead with the community of practice “project planning & controlling” and to recover
« Team Montréal – Solar Decathlon » slipping project in the other hand.

I really want to highlight that this company didn’t only get the project back on track with rigorous respect to PMbok but has contributed to practice excellence within the construction community in Quebec that they created and managed. I’am purely convinced that this partnering project with UdeM and McGill would not have been neither finished nor a success in this international competition without Proxima intervention & commitment.
Daniel Forgues, Ph.D.
Project management & sustainable construction professor

Montreal Superior technology school
Construction Engineering Department.


Dear Ladies & Gentleman,

I had the pleasure to confirm that I knew Maxime Fournier when he was working at Bombardier Transport. I was Project Management and North America Customer service VP.

However, it’s for executive Project management of McGill university health center in Montreal where I appreciated rigor and commitment of Maxime particularly for leading the over 1 billion $ master planning, implementing project management tools and participating to create the tender of performance that lead to invitation of proposal with public and private partnership in 2008 and 2009.

Maxime Fournier represents a true asset in a project management team.

I warmly recommended him and please, sir and madam, accept my highest consideration.

Clermont Gignac, Ing.
Executive director McGill university health center, Montreal.

Maxime is dynamic, outgoing, and he takes his work at heart. He is very knowledgeable in is field of work, project management, and he brings simple and efficient solutions. I appreciate the fact that he says the things as they are, even if it is sometime difficult to hear.


Sylvain Hamel

Engineer Manager at Bombardier Transportation