Management Support – Ethanol Plant

Enerkem Alberta Biofuel
  • Nom du client : Enerkem Alberta Biofuel
  • Secteur d'activités : Energy
  • Type de service : Planning and Control.
  • Budget : 150 M$
  • Type de client : Manufacturer
  • Échéancier : 2011

Description générale du mandat

The intervention of Proxima consists mainly in planning and controlling costs of a chemical plant project in Alberta. The new process, developed in Quebec, converts non-recyclable waste to ethanol and recyclable derivatives products.

Étendue du service

  • Redefine procurement process
  • Redefine engineering and construction processes
  • Participate in operational meetings
  • Use Primavera planning software for resource allocation
  • Level resources workload
  • Create reports for management
  • Support the use of Primavera planning software


Be able to implement tools and management methods in a young and innovative company with volatile capital. Being able to motivate staff towards a common vision.