Proxima Management is environmentally conscious

Did you know that in the new offices of Gestion Proxima, there are no plastic water bottle? Nice durable and reusable plastic glasses on which you can write your name are made available to all employees and all visitors.

Same for cups, no cardboard, porcelain cups with the effigy of Gestion Proxima are available to all for hot beverages.

What about the Nespresso capsules? They are made of aluminium, an infinite recyclable material. The used capsules are now placed in a recycling bag provided for this purpose. The bag is routed to a recycling centre where everything is separated; coffee to make compost and aluminum is recycled.

See this video for more information on recycling and Nespresso:

Verres et tasses

Verres et tasses Gestion Proxima


recyclage de capsules nespresso

Sac vert Nespresso pour recyclage des capsules